Client Kudos

"We met Jennie and instantly knew she was "the one". The girl is just full of life, laughter, and creativeness! We hired GBI for both our rehearsal and wedding day ... and we're so happy we did!  She did such an amazing job at shooting EVERYONE and EVERYTHING, but in such a clever way... she really knows her craft. I look at the pictures and feel like I am re-living our perfect day! "

-Erica B., Temecula, CA Wedding

"Jennie is an amazing photographer. She makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera, ensures you're having a great time, and maintains a level of professionalism not commonly found. I recommend Jennie'll be very happy with her work!"

-Erin Farmer, San Diego Celebration of Beauty session

"We could not have been happier with their professionalism and style of photography.  They had so much fun with us throughout the day.  It felt like having a good friend taking pictures for us!  

My guests at the wedding shared the same report of Jennie's work. The team did an terrific job of capturing each moment, but at the same time they were never in the way. I cannot thank them enough making sure our special day will live on forever!"

-Kaveh S., San Diego Wedding

“For those of you looking for a photographer in the San Diego area, I would highly recommend Guided by Imagination. Jennie Edwards has a style all her own.  She is fun to work with and takes gorgeous pictures. I was amazed at how easy it was to sit with her and go on the photo excursions alone and with my family. I never thought I’d be so comfortable in front of the camera.”

-Beth Corson, San Diego Unique Photo Adventure, Celebration of Beauty session, Empowered You Portraits



"Jennie is FANTASTIC! We first met Jennie in May when we had our engagement photo shoot! My then fiance was NOT into taking photos, and Jennie made him feel so comfortable.

For the wedding, she was SO easily tuned in to what my husband and I wanted. She NEVER missed a beat, but I swear I never even noticed her there for the really sentimental moments (like during the ceremony). In fact, the times I did notice Jennie, it was because she was literally having as much fun as me! The following day, so many guests told me they kept wondering how someone could be working so hard, and at the same time having SO much fun. She was dancing along with us and having a blast!

I never got nervous before my wedding until 5 minutes before my first look, and let me tell you, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Jennie looks me right in the eyes, tells me to take a deep breath, and then encourages me to visualize how fun my special day it going to be. So....I did just that, and then it was like, "Ok, let's do this!" That moment, on top of Jennie literally having to tie my father's bow-tie and teach my husband and I how to cut our cake (the little things you forget to research), is what makes me think that Jennie is awesome. She goes above and beyond just being a photographer. She becomes a friend. :)"

-Laura W., San Diego Wedding

"Jennie was incredible!! She was such a joy to have around! Her upbeat personality and winning smile just brought new life and energy to every moment of our wedding! From the engagement photos to the actual wedding day - she was thoughtful, responsive, and above all creative!! She captured the emotions of every part of our day! It was like having another family member there - but one with a ton of experience and knowledge on how to get the right shot - or create it! I would certaily hire Jennie again for ANY EVENT! Her skill is far beyond just taking pictures! She becomes an integral part of each moment and records it forever in her pictures! Thank you so much Jennie!"

-Stephen T., San Diego Wedding

"Thank you so much for photographing our wedding. We love the pics and will cherish them forever. You captured our personalities perfectly and we love how you fit in with our crazy friends and family."

-Katie Z., San Diego Wedding

"Jennie shot our wedding and she did a fantastic job. The photos were beautiful, and Jennie was a true pleasure to work with. Everyone involved with the wedding commented on her energy, creativity, and her great personality. A all the way!"

-Nate B., San Diego Wedding

"Jennie is a great person to work with. I do not like to get my picture taken and Jennie made me feel at ease through the process. It was an adventure as well as we went to Balboa Park and walked around to Jennie's favorite spots for pictures. It was a great time to see the park without so many people and I felt kind of like a celebrity as Jennie was taking my shots. If you need unique or even the boring background headshot, Jennie will make you look awesome."

-Lisa W., San Diego Empowered You Portrait

"Jennie is an outstanding photographer: exceptionally creative and she comes up with ideas for images I've not seen anywhere else.  She is efficient, friendly, fun to work with and gets outstanding results."

-Nick V., London Unique Photo Adventure

"What an amazing day; highly recommended! It's so nice not to have to remember my camera and then forget to use it! Thanks, Jennie, we had a great time and great fun!"

-Nikki H., London Unique Photo Adventure

"An awesome day in London! Thanks, Jennie, for making the day so special. It was such fun that you made us feel so relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. I so recommend getting your own Unique Photo Adventure to others!"

-Sas H., London Unique Photo Adventure

"Oh sweet Jennie! Thank you for everything! The pictures are amazing and a lovely memory of a beautiful day..."

-Jennifer N., San Diego Wedding

"As the song goes, "You Get What You Give", and that is the best description for the photographic experience I had with Jennie. I just looked at the proofs last week (only one week after my photoshoot!), and they are more than what I expected. The pictures show a beautiful, vivacious, and completely comfortable woman (yes me!) The girl who is not generally comfortable in front of a camera. Because Jennie collaborated with me prior to the photoshoot and while she was photographing produced an environment completely freeing (it helps that she modeled in her past, and could give me tips for photography posture), fun, and full of creativity. She wants a beautiful shot just as much as I do, so she does everything to make it happen, (including fixing my hair, when it's not quite right.)

As an adult there are far fewer reasons to schedule time to have your picture taken. I intended to only order 'a picture' for my parents. I now find myself so happy with the portfolio that Jennie provided and cannot resist ordering some for myself... I mean, if Heidi Klum can hang amazing pictures of herself in her bedroom, I can hang one too!

At least I know I have found a photographer who can keep up with me, and make sure I still look good!"

-Emily Sheetz, Columbus, Ohio, Celebration of Beauty session, Las Vegas Dream Wedding Adventure

"I've used Jennie's services now for over 7 years, and love it! She's done our yearly family photos; not only does she find a way to make it a fun photo event for all of us (including 5 kids and a dog), but she helps to bring out our individual personalities.

Not only was she the videographer and photographer for my father's Celebration of Life, she also created a beautiful memorial CD that I will cherish for the rest of my life. She's a one-stop-shop for video and photography needs, both personally and professionally! Thank you, Jennie!"

-Dr. Karen Kramer, San Diego Unique Photo Adventure and Videography

"When it came time to hire a photographer for a new portrait I selected Jennie because of the ease of working with her and her professionalism. Normally I hate having my photograph taken, but with Jennie I was not only relaxed, but enjoyed the entire experience as though I was on an outing with a very dear friend. We even talked our way into a restaurant to capture the exact light and background I wanted. The result speaks for itself. I recommend Jennie unreservedly and would hire her again -- if she wants to travel East!"

-Michele E., San Diego Empowered You Portrait

"I met Jennifer at a networking event earlier this year. I immediately liked her energy and enjoyed watching her photograph the different guests at the event.  I had been thinking of having a head shot taken for a while for my business card and my website.  Great timing.

Jennie suggested that we go to Balboa park for the shots.  She told me what to wear what to bring and sugested the best time of day to take pictures.  She has a way of making people feel relaxed and bringing out the best in them.

I am very impressed on my photo's and have had many compliments on my business cards. Thank you Jennie!"

-Laurie Parker, San Diego Empowered You Portrait